About Conference

The 6th Russian-German Conference on Electric Propulsion and Their Application will be organized in Samara, Russia from 28th August till 2nd September 2016 and it will be based in Samara University. Both fundamental and applied research related to the electric propulsions development of various thruster types, system components and applications on board spacecrafts designed for different purposes will be the content of the conference.

This unique and special conference is within the tradition of five former meetings, the work of a European-Russian Joint Study Group on advanced electric propulsion space missions and accommodates the development on the electric propulsions market within the last years.

The conference should support the growing co-operation between Russia and Germany on both industrial and scientific levels. For a further international co-operation in this rapid growing spacecraft propulsion principle the participation of colleagues from other countries all over the world will be warmly welcomed.

Hosts of conference:

- Samara University (Russia, Samara);

- Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification (Germany, Leipzig);

- Justus Leibig University Giessen (Germany, Giessen) 

- Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia, Moscow);

- JSC SRC "Progress" (Russia, Samara); 

- Ltd. "Fondation "Nadiejnost" (Russia, Samara); 

- Povoljsky Department of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky (Russia, Samara); 

- Samara Department of Russian Academy of Engineering (Russia, Samara). 

Russian and German specialists from space industry, educational institutions, branch and academic institutes, research centers and representatives of space agencies will participate in this conference as well as the invited specialists from other countries. The conference will take place in the beautiful city Samara. Samara has a long history and tradition and is located on the bank of the great Russian river Volga, which stretches from Valdai Hills to the Caspian Sea. One of the most pleasant moment for all the Conference participants is the trip via the “Aleksey Tolstoy” motor ship. The details are available for the registered users. Please, feel free to sign in here.

Samara State Aerospace University was chosen as a conference organizer not by accident. Even in the far-off 1979 the theoretical and experimental electric propulsion spacecraft research was being conducted in the gasdynamic processes research laboratory under the supervision of V.P. Lukachev and V. I. Levin. Nowadays, Samara University is high on the list in the sphere of electric propulsion spacecraft design. The studies are made within the Russian leading scientific school: "Optimization of low thrust space transfers: flight mechanics, motion control, design of electric propulsion spacecrafts".

Samara state aerospace university is a unique university in Russia disposing its own satellite constellation consisting of two small spacecraft “Aist” that were put into the working orbit in 2013. The spacecraft control is held by the Satellite data receiving and processing center.